Sarah (Robins)

1698.Sarah Robbins_Parshall to Parker.JPG


Sarah (Robins)
Southold and Southampton



Enslaver or Household

John Parker

Birth Date

ca. 1690


probably Southold

Biographical Notes

Her mother, Dorkas (#1338), was an Indian woman.


Joseph Wickham Case, Southold Town Records Volume 2 (1884), page 179.

Biographical Text

James Paresall [Parshall] of Southold sold Sarah to John Parker of Southampton, [cloth] fuller, for 16 pounds in 1698. Parker subsequently conveyed Sarah to John Week (Bridgehampton); Week conveyed her to Captain Robert Walters (NYC) who transported and sold her against her will as an enslaved woman in Madeira. She applied to the English Consul there which ordered her return. Back in New York (ca. 1712), Sarah asked for the governor's protection and legal assistance. She explained her personal experience at being sold into slavery, although free born, and asked for protection so that this wouldn't happen again.


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