Sires [Cyrus] - CYRU8


Sires [Cyrus] - CYRU8


Negro man


Jackie Dinan



Location or Address


Enslaver or Household

The Osborn family. First by Captain Daniel Osborn, then by his son, lawyer Daniel Osborn.


Wayland Jefferson, "Cutchogue: Southold's First Colony (1940)," pages 154 (baptism) and 114 (death). Southold Town Records Volume 2:449-450 (manumission).
Original Southold parish register accessed at under the collection entitled, U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701–1970>New York>Southold>First Presbyterian Church>Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths>1749-1832>image 286/340 (marriage).
The Salmon Records (page 70) reported the death of "Sires Orsborn Negro Lock Jaw" in 1804. On page 75, it recorded the death of "Sires Negro" along with others during a storm on December 24, 1811.

Baptism Date

May 25, 1758 [transcribed as "Givis" but likely Ciris or Cyrus].

Marriage Date

August 4, 1785

Death Date

July 25, 1804 [or 1811, see biographical notes].

Misc. Date

April 8, 1794 (manumission certificate approved by overseers of the poor). April 9, 1794 (manumission certificate recorded by town clerk).

Biographical Notes

He married Zipporah (#1507) and had two known children: Cyrus (#1509) and Keturah (#1510).
Documents confirm the death of two men named Cyrus Osborn, presumably a father and son. The first in 1804 by lock jaw. The second in 1811 by drowning when the sloop Rosetta was lost in a storm. Oral tradition suggests that Cyrus (father, not son) drowned in the storm, but it's impossible to assign with certainty who died at which time without further evidence.


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