Phillis - PHIS12


Phillis - PHIS12


African descent


Jackie Dinan



Location or Address


Enslaver or Household

Estate of William Albertson


Southold Town Records Liber E: 77 URL>Weblink/Laserfiche=>Town Clerk>Town Record Books>Liber E 1818-1887>image 164/175 [top left, bottom left].

Reverend Epher Whitaker noted the date of Phyllis's funeral along with her age. Diary of Epher Whitaker, page 204 (unpublished; Southold Free Library, Whitaker Collection).

Male or Female


Birth Date

1802–1803, a range calculated from her reported age (21 years) at the time of her manumission, along with her reported age (66 years) at the time of her death.

Death Date

January 1, 1869 (probably),
January 2, 1869 (date of funeral)

Misc. Date

May 12, 1823 (manumission certificate approved by overseers of the poor); June 21, 1823 (manumission certificate registered in the town record book by town clerk).

Biographical Notes

She was a daughter of Kedar (#1639) and Pegg (#1640).
Case's claim that Phillis received a $100 annual annuity from her last employer, Louisa S. Lord, widow of Dr. Frederick Lord, cannot be confirmed. A review of Mrs. Lord’s probate papers revealed no formal bequests to Phillis. Phillis died several years before Mrs. Lord’s estate was probated, however.

Owner or Household

The woman who manumitted her, Mary H. Lester, was a daughter of William Albertson. Mary "Polly" Albertson married lawyer Thomas S. Lester on January 17, 1811 (See Original record at>U.S. Presbyterian Church Records 1701-1970> New York>Southold>First Presbyterian Church>Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths>1749-1832>image 130/340).


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