Lucy or Lacy - LUCY5


Lucy or Lacy - LUCY5


negro servant


Jackie Dinan

Location or Address


Enslaver or Household

Obadiah Hudson


For her public confession see original Southold parish register accessed at under the collection entitled, U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701–1970>New York>Southold>First Presbyterian Church>Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths>1749-1832>image 32-33/340 (confession).
For the baptism of her daughter, Eddy, see original record at>U.S. Presbyterian Church Records 1701-1970>New York>Mattituck>Mattituck Presbyterian Church>Session, Register, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths>1764-1809>image 16/157. [Transcription in Craven's History of Mattituck (1906): 259.]

Male or Female


Biographical Text

Lecture Day August 2, 1751. After services ye Brethren of ye [church] tarried; appeared Lucy servant negro one of the members of this [church] and made the following acknowledgements, viz:
I Lucy, having sometime [----] been left to take a Negro Man to be my husband, with whom I have lodged as his wife, without my masters knowledge and which I knew was contrary to his [consent?] without lawful marriage; (altho I was ignorant then, that this my conduct was a breach of the divine law, yet since am convinced it was;| whereby I have offended God, grieved this [church] and wounded my own soul, as well as given ovation to the enemies to Religion to blaspheme freely acknowledge the same; earnestly emploring Gods pardoning mercy and the Forgiveness of this [church] and engage by the help of Gods Grace, to behave more circum[--]ly for the time to come; and entreat the [----] of this [church], that God would lift up ye light of his contenance upon and give me divine consolation. [Her confession] Which was unanimously accepted by the [church].
Test Willm Throops Pastor

Misc. Date

August 1, 1751. Made public confession of taking a husband without the approval of the individual who claimed her as property (unnamed).
October 20, 1758. Baptism of her daughter, Eddy.

Biographical Notes

Other records provide more information about her, including the name of the man who kept her enslaved. She was the wife of Yarrabey/Yarrobu (#1491) and mother of their daughter, Eddy (#1851).


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