Peter - PETE13


Peter - PETE13


Enslaved youth


David Rattray


Bridgehampton Museum Archive





Location or Address

East Hampton, New York

Enslaver or Household

Mary Buell


Bridgehampton Museum Archive

Birth Date

June 8, 1801

Misc. Date

August 22, 1810

Biographical Notes

Know all me by these present that Mary Buell of the town of East Hampton county of suffolk and State of New York for and in consideration of the sum of seventy-five dollars to me in hand Jacob by Caleb Corwith of the town of Southampton county and State aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained and sold and by these present doth grant bargain and sell unto him the said Caleb Corwith his executors and afoigns a certain negro Boy named Peter aged nine years old the eighth day of last June until he shall attain the age of twenty-five which will be in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty five and at the exhaustion of said term of time the said Caleb Corwith executors, administrators and afoigns shall at his own expense and legally emancipate said negro Boy Peter so that he may be free—
To have and to hold the aforesaid Negro Boy to him the said Caleb Corwith his executors administrators and afoigns and the said Mary Buell for myself and my heirs executors and administrators do and will warrant and forever defend the above bargained and said Boy unto him the said Caleb Corwith his heirs and afoigns against the lawful Claims of the persons whatsoever in which whomof slave I have hereunto my hand and said this twenty second day of August in the year of one thousand eight hundred and ten.
Mary Buell

Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presence of —
Jeremiah Miller




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