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1639 Lion Gardiner granted Isle of Wight by deputy of the Earle of Sterling

1640 English arrive in what will be called Southold and Southampton

1648 New Haven and Connecticut Colony governors obtain land from Southampton to the east side of Napeague from Indian sachems

1649 English arrive in East Hampton

1650 Fines established for selling powder, lead, or shot to Indians

1651 Thomas James hired as East Hampton minister; he is an enslaver

1651 Meeting house ordered built

1653 First meeting house completed and thatched

1653 Indians prohibited from entering town armed, watch permitted to shoot Indians coming to town at night.

1654 Earliest known reference to an enslaved person in East Hampton, a Black child who died on Gardiner's Island.

1663 Indians prohibited from entering town for fear of small pox

1657 First named reference to an enslaved person in East Hampton, a woman named Boose

1659 Peter, a free Black man, is offered a land-swap in Southampton

1664 English take New Netherlands from the Dutch

1664 East Hampton denied request to remain part of the Connecticut Colony

1665 Mary Gardiner leaves Japhet, Boose, and "increase" to her son David Gardiner

1666 East Hampton comes under authority of the Duke of York in a patent from Governor Nicholl

1672 England declares war against the Netherlands

1674 Dutch retake New York from English

1674 East Hampton asks to be Joined with Connecticut but is denied

1676 John, a free black, is allowed land for a house and garden. It must revert to town ownership upon his departure or death

1686 Dongan Patent

1695 Line between Southampton and East Hampton formalized

1696 Thomas James, minister, died

1696 Rev. Nathaniel Huntting came to East Hampton; he is an enslaver

1698 Southampton records indicate 84 enslaved residents of African hertiage

1717 Second church raised

1718 Second church occupied (vestibule middle portion for "colored people")

1730 English establish Sag Harbor

1746 Samuel Buell installed as third East Hampton minister; he is an enslaver

1753 Rev. Nathaniel Huntting died

1776 Battle of Long Island. East Hampton under British occupation

1770 Wharf to be built at Sag Harbor

1784 Clinton Academy built

1785 First whaling vessel sent to southern latitudes

1799 Lyman Beecher installed as minister

1811 Ebenezer Phillips installed as minister

1817 Argonaut sails from Sag Harbor

1819 Argonaut returns with 1,700 bbls of sperm oil

1830 Ebenezer Phillips died

1839 Amistad off Montauk