Flora - FLOR3


Flora - FLOR3


African descent



Enslaver or Household

William Albertson


Biographical information excerpted from "Flora" paragraph J.W. Case, “Kedar and his Family” in Long Island Traveler, January 23, 1879.

Will of Flora Anne Stainch, Queens County Wills/Real Estate Liber 21:231–235, Liber 19:283 (dated 28 October 1870, proved 23 June 1874).

Male or Female


Biographical Text

Spelling variations of her married name include Stauch, Stanich, Staunch, Stericher, Stench, and Stainch.

Birth Date

1789–1793, a range calculated from her reported age in various Federal census records.

Death Date

January 13, 1871

Biographical Notes

She was a daughter of Kedar (#1639) and Pegg (#1640). Oral tradition provided by J.W. Case provided enough clues to locate her in Oyster Bay, Queens [today's Nassau] County, NY, after leaving Southold. “When a girl, [Flora] went to Oysterbay with Mr. Fleet...married Benjamin Stanch. She died...surrounded by a large, thrifty, and respectable family.” Flora was likely sold or indentured to Mr. Fleet. The circumstances surrounding her manumission and marriage remain unknown.

Flora and Benjamin can be traced through Federal census records (1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880), as a household of free people of color residing in Oyster Bay, Queens Co., New York. Using data from census enumerations, we can identify their children as follows:

1. Catherine, born ca. 1820. Married Isaac Bates, died by 1860, left children.
2. Mary, birthdate unknown. Married John Sharp, resided in Fordham, Westchester County, NY.
3. George W., born 1823–1825. Wife's name unknown; widower by 1900.
4. Maria Augusta, born 1826–1834. Never married, occupation=domestic servant.
5. Julia, born ca 1829–1832. Married William King, widow by 1900, left children.
6. Caroline Matilda, born 1831–1834.

Flora's will identified her husband, six children (five living, one deceased), and five grandchildren. She instructed that all her real and personal property be kept together as a home for her and Benjamin’s children and grandchildren. For this purpose, two daughters, Maria Augusta and Caroline Matilda, were named executrices and trustees of Flora’s estate.


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