Derby - DERB1


Derby - DERB1


African descent



Enslaver or Household

William Albertson


Biographical information excerpted from "Derby" paragraph by J.W. Case, “Kedar and his Family” in Long Island Traveler, January 23, 1879.

Indenture contract: Southold Town Records Volume 3 (1983): 108–109.

Male or Female


Biographical Text

Excerpt from indenture: " put place and bind Derby a male negro aged Eighteen years eleven months and fifteen days (whose age name nor sex has not been registered in the Office of the Clerk of said Town of Southold by his former master William Albertson of said Town deceased nor by any other person...)."

Birth Date

February 20, 1800 (calculated from information provided in his indenture papers).

Death Date

1857 (oral tradition)

Misc. Date

February 4, 1819 (indenture papers signed); February 10, 1819 (indenture papers recorded in town record book by town clerk)

Biographical Notes

He was a son of Kedar (#1639) and Pegg (#1640).
According to an unverified secondary source, Derby was freed by court order because it was judged that his enslaver, Joseph C. Albertson, hadn’t provided him the education required by law to keep him from becoming a burden on society. Evidence confirms he was bound out by the overseers of the poor to Ebenezer W. Case of Southold, for a period of two years and fifteen days (or until age 21 years).

According to oral tradition reported by J.W. Case, Derby followed his brothers Peter and Abel to Boston, where he lived for thirty years. He was active at Methodist Meetings and eventually became a missionary preacher. He never married and died of consumption in 1857.

In October 1851, administration documents show that he waived his rights as next of kin to administer the estate of his late brother, Peter. He was identified as Derby Derby.






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