Margaret Derby [Darby] - MARG2


Margaret Derby [Darby] - MARG2


African descent



Enslaver or Household

William Albertson


Biographical information excerpted from J.W. Case, “Kedar and his Family” in Long Island Traveler, January 23, 1879.

Deaths in Cleveland Supplement, Long Island Traveler, April 10, 1879, page 3.

Male or Female


Biographical Text

William Albertson's will accessed at Suffolk County Surrogate Courthouse, Liber D: 159 (dated 20 August 1815, proved 17 March 1816).

Birth Date

1806, calculated from her reported age (73) at the time of her death.

Death Date

January 4, 1879

Biographical Notes

She was a daughter of Kedar (#1639) and Pegg (#1640). Case's remark that Margaret was "retained by Mrs. Albertson as general assistant around the house" seems unlikely since she would have been an infant or young child at the time of Mrs. Albertson's death in 1806. Perhaps Case confused a young Margaret with her mother, also named Margaret nicknamed Pegg (#1640). William Albertson's will instructed that "my negro girl Margaret, I give to my daughter Charity."

Margaret Derby was enumerated in the 1850 Federal census (age 44) in the Richard Cook household, as a servant. The 1860 Federal census enumerated her (age 55) living with her sister Eunice and Keturah in Greenport. The 1865 New York State census enumerated her (age 59) in the Hutchinson and Charity [Albertson] Case household. The 1870 Federal census enumerated her in two households: Hutchinson and Charity [Albertson] Case in Peconic, age 60; and with Keturah Darby [Derby] in Greenport, age 63.

She inherited property in Greenport from her sister, Keturah who died in 1872. Margaret never married. Her estate was probated in 1879.


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